Why I ski

“I ski to reclaim my spirit from a conditioned world that is
always seeking to limit my being”.
“I ski to remember that I came into this world to express something
magnificent and that there is glorious power within me and that I am here
to express endless joy and endless freedom”.


 How do I proceed to reclaim my joyful spirit?

 AThe first step is to realise that my body is an antenna designed to receive that glorious power that exists within me. The antenna’s purpose is to feed the body with high quality information from which moves are made so that I can express all the joy that skiing has to offer.

How do I know that my antenna is functioning properly!

My antenna is fully functional when my entire being, body and mind, is relaxed.

Parasitic thoughts, feeling, emotions, beliefs, judgements and body tensions clog up the antenna.

Once tensed, the body is dysfunctional because the antenna is inoperative. With an inoperative antenna, no significant guidance is available.

 2% efficiency is the norm!

Feeding technical instructions into a clogged system has 2% efficiency.

 Why the tension?

Tensions result from our conditioning, our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions, our beliefs, our judgements and our lack of awareness. Our lack of awareness about what we are, and of how we work in the world is keeping us trapped into the universe of perpetual limitations. It is this feeling of being trapped into perpetual limitations that is subconsciously making the parasitic contractions in our muscles. Are you following me on this?

The mechanism of perpetual limitations

The mechanism of perpetual limitation uses the denial of the personality to fulfil its deed by suggesting to the intermediate skier that going down the Face (Famous black run in Val d’ Isère) is a great idea. As the unsuspecting skier, who is already experiencing more than enough limitations on a blue run, enters the vortex of the steep crowded and icy “Face”, it is certain beyond doubts that the skier will be much more limited than on the blue run. Parasitic body tensions will be massively amplified, and the antenna will shut down further.  No joy and no freedom whatsoever are expressed by the being.  As far as being is concerned, the strain on the body from having to make that descent blocked the expression of any possible joy that it came here on earth for. Personality, on the other hand, is oblivious to messages spoken by body and by being and fails to see that it took every aspect of the person into the hell of perpetual limitations.  

It is the feeling of being trapped into a universe of perpetual limitations that first needs to be removed in order to become the free spirit skier that you truly be.

Telling someone to “relax” has no effect; tensions will disappear only by blowing apart the beliefs, feelings, emotions, thoughts and judgements from which they are made of.

Clearing beliefs

As you free yourself from beliefs, judgements and emotions, you body becomes more and more relaxed and your antenna becomes more and more clear, allowing your being to perceive more and more of what it is you are meant to do to express your joy and your freedom.

Clearing the mind is the biggest aspect of the process of eternal development because it is the most powerful one.

Eternal development

The process of eternal development helps you to remember that you came into this world to express the magnificence of your glorious power in the form of endless joy and freedom.

Transform the “being” aspect of yourself.

Yours truly

Bernard Chesneau

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