“I ski to reclaim my spirit from a conditioned world that is always seeking to limit my being”

On top of the limitations list we find “judgement”.


Judgements is the mechanism you use to scare yourself.

Judgements are commands you decide to be so. Judgement is the process that you use to separate yourself from your true self. Judgement, once in place, begins to slow down the functioning of the organs, of the ability to process life and to be clear.

One judgement after another, the organic system is gradually shutting itself down until we have finally judged ourselves right out of existence.



 Judgement is invalidating that which you do not prefer.

Whenever you judge anything, by focusing your attention on it, you exchange energies with it, and so you “become” that vibration. So you automatically become the very thing you disapprove of.   You become that which you invalidate. 

Preference, on the other hand, is not judgement.  

Preference is exercising your ability to discern what is really “you”, what excites you, and then making choices aligned with the real “you”. 

Could you imagine having a “zero judgement day” on the mountain. In the absence of

judgement, you would feel secure, confident, grounded and in the present moment.

Clearing your mind

As you free yourself from beliefs, judgements and emotions, you body becomes more and more relaxed and your antenna becomes more and more clear, allowing your being to perceive more and more of what it is you are meant to do to express your joy and your freedom.

Clearing beliefs is the biggest aspect of the process of eternal development because it is the most powerful one.


Transform the “being” aspect of yourself.

Cheers, Bernard


  1. Hi Bernie
    I have to thank you for transforming Kim’s skiing in the space of a few hours. She’s now comfortable going everywhere. She even seeks out powder and loves skiing the glades. Whenever she gets a bit hesitant she reminds herself ” to be at one with the mountain”. You taught her that the mountain is her friend.

    We’ll be back at Val d’isere the year after next. This season we’re off to Central BC. Our daughter and her boyfriend are wintering in Nelson. So we’ll be skiing Whitewater ( 12 meters of snow a year!) and Red Mountain before heading off to have a look at Revelstoke and probably Kicking Horse. Maybe some cat skiing as well. Unfortunately I have never been able to make these sort of places my office like you have.
    Graeme Armstead
    p.s. Boyd’s daughter got 15th. in the combined at the Olympics earlier this year.

    • Dear Graeme,

      It sounds like you are going to have a fantastic in Canada.
      I know the people who own and have built “Bighorn”, praised as the “best” ski lodge in the world which is in Revelstoke. It is my belief that the future “high end” skiing will be in places like that because they are not overbuilt.
      If you have a chance to ski Revelstoke, please send your impressions.

      Kind regards


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