I continue to be amazed.

John Bell 
Crowthorne, England


Informative and stimulating.

Glenn Rochester 
Bennington, England


Reading your Ski with Passion Newsletters was like savouring a gourmet dinner !

Nicki Owen 
London, England


Bernard gives essential and accurate information which may challenge your perception of skiing. His ideas are at the forefront of sports and fitness development. We are encouraged to be fully in the present moment, to seek a mind-body-spirit connection and harness it to enhance our skiing.

Tessa Coker 
Editor Ski and Board Magazine


Thank you so much. I felt so much more in control than before

even on the icy bits.

Liz Marcel 
London, England


Thorough and thought provoking.

C Rich 
London, England


You should keep Bernard’s details in your book as he is a superb teacher and guide and his alternative approach works wonders on many skiers who have been stuck on a plateau for years of the usual shoulders down the mountain, bend ze knees, etc.

Peter Kelsey 
London, England


Thank you for your dedicated commitment to evolving my skiing to new levels of confidence & skills

Gordon Crompton
 Broadstairs, England


Bernie - your method of teaching may not be traditional (thank goodness) but it works and I'm now skiing with more confidence than I've ever had, I actually enjoy my days out on the slopes and am longing for next year to come around quickly.

Kind regards

Kerry Teakle 
Edindburgh, Scotland


Absolutely excellent and a great deal of fun for everyone.

H. Pickering 
London England


That was the best ski lesson I’ve ever had and I’ve had lots of ski lessons.

Tony Gregory 
Walton on Thames, England


Based on my 16 seasons experience of your whole person methods of achieving ski mastery, I am convinced that there is no better route for the ambitious skier to travel.  Once a skier has experienced the benefits of your alignment process there is, in my view, no turning back to yesterday'scrude approximations.  Coupled with your unique and powerful methods ofcoaching, which help to deliver optimum mind/body performance, all mountain expert skiing beckons as a reality.

Naturally I am looking forward to the next 16 seasons of skiing with you.

Best wishes,

Selwyn Pokroy

London England


Miracles do happen! Me on skis - Thanks

Karen Wright



Just wanted to say a big thank you for my lessons...changed my approach to skiing totally and confidence in general. Looking forward to coming back.
Hannah Brown


An excellent & thoroughly enjoyable experience and insight into shortfalls of our current techniques. A huge step forward for us.
W. Knight


Thoroughly enjoyed my progress under your instruction in the new method of skiing using my edges quite differently.
Michael Webster


Just to say how valuable I found your teaching. During free skiing in the afternoon following the second lesson, things really “clicked” for me. Hard to believe it but that afternoon Steve and Paul on separate occasions and without prompting said I looked like you when I was skiing! I thought that must be an exaggeration but I could certainly feel the push from the mountain.
 Kevin Fenton

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