“I ski to reclaim my spirit from a conditioned world that

is always seeking to limit my being”


On the limitations list we find our misuse of the

Law of Allowing


The Law of Allowing

Lindsey Vonn uses the law of allowing




Ankles are allowed to tilt to the max, giving amazing edge angles.

 The pelvis is allowed to get close to the ground by complementing the desire of the ankles.

 The Jaw allows the uninterrupted flow of motion.


The energy behind allowing is the energy of receiving

There is energy behind allowing; it is the energy of receiving. Allow yourself to be in the energy of infinite receiving.

There isn’t much receiving going on in this reality, as a matter of fact; this reality is dedicated to the total exclusion of it. Everything is based on “if I give you this, what do I get”, and “if I accept this what do I have to give you”?  There is an alternative, as the infinite being that you truly are, you can receive everything…everything. The thing is, you have to choose it.

It is all about being willing to receive 


By the way, there is not such think as a skiing performance issue; all performance issues are created by what you are unwilling to receive.  In this reality, you always have to remind yourself to receive because you were never taught how to receive… Lindsey knows how to receive…She asks for it.  

 Lindsey wins as she is willing to receive


As you free yourself from beliefs, judgements and emotions, you body becomes more and more relaxed and your antenna becomes more and more clear, allowing your being to perceive more and more of what it is you are meant to do to express your joy and your freedom.


Bernard Chesneau

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