repetitive patterns

“I ski to reclaim my spirit from a conditioned world that is always seeking to limit my being”

On the limitations list we find “repetitive patterns”

Repetitive patterns

What is keeping you stuck in some kind of repetitive pattern that you cannot shake?

Busy or free

Busy or free

Lets listen to the heart here:

When you make an attempt to generate something new and different and it does not happen and old habits occur again and again; how do you feel at that moment?

The most frequent answer to that question is: “I feel frustrated that I am not getting anywhere!”

Do you understand the law of attraction?

Have you heard of the idea of not basing how you feel on what is happening outside of you?

You see, when you say that you feel that you are failing, you are reacting to the outside circumstances with disappointment and frustration and all you’re actually doing is reinforcing the fact that you haven’t changed your emotional vibrations one iota. You are vibrating emotionally at the exact frequency that is connected to what you no longer wanted to happen, so it keeps happening over and over again. Does that make sense to you?

So how do you make a vibrational choice that serves you well?

  • At any given moment, look at all the things that are available to you that you are capable of acting on.
  • Choose the one that contains the highest amount of excitement and enthusiasm and joy.
  • If 2 options seem equally exciting, choose the one that you have the greatest capacity to take action on at that moment. That’s it. That’s how you choose.
  • Always choose the one that excites you the most and secondly, always choose the thing that excites you the most that is physically possible to take action on.

Follow your Joy

Following your joy, your enthusiasm, your  excitement is not only the driving engine of your reality; it is also the automatic organising principle.

Forget the details

You don’t need to know the how nor the details, you just need to act on your joy, your enthusiasm and your excitement. The conscious mind is not designed to understand how thing happen.

A limited conscious mind

The conscious mind is only designed to perceive how things happened. It is not designed to know how things are going to happen. Higher self does that for you. All you need to do is act on the opportunity containing your highest enthusiasm and your highest physical capacity of acting on it.

Transform the “being” aspect of yourself.

Clearing the mind

As you free yourself from garbage beliefs, judgements and emotions, you body becomes more and more relaxed and your antenna becomes more and more clear, allowing your being to perceive more and more of what it is you are meant to do to express your joy and your freedom.

Clearing the beliefs the biggest aspect of the process of eternal development because it is the most powerful one.

Bernard Chesneau 


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