The Law of Three

“I ski to reclaim my spirit from a conditioned world that is always seeking to limit my being”

On the limitations list we find “Ignoring The Law of Three”


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Skis are Sacred

 Science tells us that every phenomenon is the manifestation of three forces and that one or two forces alone cannot produce anything.

The law of three states that three

forces – an active force – a passive

force and – a neutralising or

reconciling force must enter into

every kind of creation.


A simple example is that of a sailboat: the boat is passive, the wind is active and the sail is the neutralising or reconciling force. When we see that something is stuck in the same place and not coming to fruition or completion, this is often because the third force is lacking in our perception and lacking in our behaviour. When the third force is lacking, we are stuck in polarised perspective of the world. Good and bad, right or wrong, etc.

In skiing then, we have the slope as the active force, the person as the passive force and the skis as the neutralising force. The neutralising force being the one needed to reconcile you with the pull of the slope.


Skis are mediators because their role is to “mediate and support” the relationship that exist between you, the slope, the mountain and the world. Thus skis are to be given the same loving care that you give your sweetheart. And “bullying” or “imposing” your point of view to your sweetheart does not get you very far. Same goes for your skis, they are very, very, very allergic to being bullied. Skis came into existence not to be bullied, but to serve you, yes to serve you, and to serve you to become your most brilliant harmonious self.

Aside from going over rocks, what is the biggest bullying act you can do to your skis?

What kills off the mediator living in your skis and that is the biggest bullying act you can commit towards your skis (and ultimately towards yourself) is YOUR DESIRE TO TURN through your own doing. In other words, you are excluding your skis from offering you their gift. Your “wanting” to do the turn yourself generates torsional tensions in your body that are opposing the ski’s ability to serve you. Your skis are there to serve you but they are not your slaves, they want to you offer what they have being created for. And until a shift in your consciousness happens, you and your skis will fight each other. And as nothing is working out, you increase the fight with efforts, tension and strain, to gain control, to dominate, and you become further entrenched in the usual polarised and forceful “yang” masculine energy view of things. At this point all I can wish for you is good luck.

So how do we make the shift in consciousness?

By realising that your skis are sacred and they are made to support you and to turn you.

By acting on that realization meaning that all you thoughts, feeling and actions become devoted to “being turned” and to “being supported”.

Being turned is a highly creative “yin” feminine energy. The yin energy is profoundly lacking in skiing and its absence is responsible for the many difficulties experienced.

Accepting to be supported and accepting, “being turned” is having the ability to use the neutralising and reconciling force of your skis.

“I ski to remember that I came into this world to express something

magnificent and that there is glorious power within me and that I am here

to express endless joy and endless freedom”.


Cheers, see you soon on the slopes of Val D’Isère


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