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Connection points

Connection points

 From mastering the proper use of mind, your body will move harmoniously.


Harmony is achieved  by aligning your Jaw, your Pelvis and your Ankles with their appropriate physical and mental structures.


And the result will please you enormously!



Note: Skier is misaligned on every point.




 Aligned and misaligned connection points on video





 The jaw: The jaw controls space, motion, and emotions


The ankle: Ankles control changes in direction


The pelvis: The pelvis controls core stability




More on connection points
 The jaw: Control space, motion and emotions

The jaw is the “spatial balance” receptor in our body. The joints in our jaw pick up meaningful vibrations from our external environment and our internal environment. These “vibes” are collected, and subconsciously interpreted at all times, despite our being unaware that this is happening.

Factors disrupting the jaw connection:

  • Unfocused will power
  • Anger, judgement, vengefulness
  • feeling that the world is unchangeable
Becoming aware of the behavior of your jaw is a fabulous asset as it is your jaw’s interpretation of situations that will either allow or block the flow of your skiing.

The ankle: Ankles control changes in direction

To create a change in direction the first motor impulse that your nervous system must produce is a lateral tilting of the ankle. This motor impulse has to happen before any other otherwise it won’t happen at all.

Factors disrupting the ankle connection:

  • Movement and orienteering problems
  • Feeling overly responsible and refusing help from others
  • Exaggerated worrying about others wellbeing and ignoring ones own needs
Tilting the ankle laterally to roll skis on edge is a skier’s master skill. There is no more fundamentally important move than this one in skiing.

The pelvis: The pelvis controls core stability

The pelvis is the central core from which we operate and from which our limbs are attached. In skiing, the pelvis controls the movements of our limbs as it does not want them fragmenting away.

Our pelvic platform supports our torso, our organs, and our psychic centres. In energy terms there is a lot going on, and stifling the pelvis equates to stifling the flow of energy in the central area of our being.

Factors disrupting the pelvis connection

  • Self-confinement and lack of grounding
  • Loss of personal Balance
  • Blocked 1st chakra energy
  • Absence of meaningful purpose
The mind is the proactive element responsible for our thoughts and emotions whilst the pelvis is responsible for the control of our physical body. The idea is to view the pelvis as the “intelligence centre” of our physical body. Your pelvis is “central management” (thus the idea of “core”) and every movement that your body makes relies on the consent of the pelvis.  

Bode Miller’s poor connection points

Playing on words…. Intentions spelled “in-tensions” 

Harmony from Ligety

Harmony from Ligety


Click Here to Watch the Video of these frames

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