Confidence cure

  Confident Mind Coaching is available in three formats.

I know from 35 years of experience that no amount of ski tuition has any significant effect until the proper use of Mind is engaged.

depolarisation chris 


 More on the misuse of mind 


Confident Mind Coaching reveals the secrets of the proper use of mind.

Confident Mind process


  1. Discover the awesome and secret aspects of Mind as they are taught by the finest school of psychic sciences.
  2. Discover the secret “Mental relationship” that you are to have with gravity in order to allow its power to work properly with and through you.

In experiencing gravity and Mind as sacred partners who are always on your side,  your body which does the skiing will experience freedom, excitement and true self expression.

Format 1:

By being with me as your Ski Coach and as your life Coach. 


Format 2:

By “Skype”. Skype is a great way to get to know me and to solve confidence issues before you get on the mountain.


Format 3:

By attending the Ski week-ends that I run in Tignes in July, August, October and November.




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