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Bernard 120Bernard Chesneau / National ski coach / Depolarisation Coach and Master 

Bilingual English / French 
Alignment Specialist / EFT Practitioner
Life Coach / Author of Ski As You Think /Access Consciousness Practitioner


Tel. +33 (0) 6 14 27 15 60 – Email me direct here 

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Private Ski Coaching Fees 2019/20


Full Day

1 person 470 €

2 and more persons 500 €


 Morning 9:00 to 12:45 


1 person 300€

2 to 4 persons 320 €

5+ persons 340 €


 Afternoon 13:45 to 16:30

1 person 200 €

2 to 4 persons 220 €

5+ persons 240 €


Bernard’s Background


Ever since birth, I sensed that the world was functioning out of kilter and certainly not as smoothly as people made it out to be. I perceived without effort, a discrepancy between what people were saying and what was really happening. I perceived information on two planes at once, on the verbal plane through people’s words, and on the material plane by witnessing the results. This double vision created internal confusion that I could not verbally express because, at the time, I did not know how to, and when I openly shared my perceptions with others, it was clear, from their reactions that they did not notice what I perceived.

I was left feeling uneasy and having to make do, in world appearing to be dysfunctional. As I was growing up, I felt both the pressure and the encouragement from my entourage to abandon that double perception and to concentrate on people’s words, on what systems and on what institutions say, instead of relying on what I felt was going on. I really saw “the emperor as wearing no clothes”.

Despite the system’s efforts to present me with a definition for my inner joy, I never managed to buy its values because I perceived information from the other plane. I could never be brought to understand why everyone lying to each other should be the right way to live our lives.

I went through childhood in three different countries, France, USA and Canada and it did not resolve anything, and neither did studying mechanical engineering in university. I could only observe that American hypocrisy is different from French hypocrisy and that Canadian hypocrisy is different again from the other two and I still felt deep within, to be living in a world devoid of integrity.

Without integrity guidelines to follow, I headed for the mountains to coach skiing. At first skiing was an avenue to vent off frustrations and to burn adrenaline out of the mind and out of the body.


Over time skiing took me beyond the basic level of “doing-ness” and into something much more profound that allowed me to feel the connection with higher levels of self, levels focused on the expression of “being”. From this moment onwards, I recognised limitation as the by-product of being unable to shift the focus beyond the level of “doing”.


Experience showed that the human mind struggles to compute the concept of “being”. It is only much later that I discovered that social conditioning obliterates “being-ness” to a very large extant by keeping our life’s focus on survival and competitiveness and creating the over stimulation our lower chakras by fighting what appears to be an ill fitting environment. This is easily observable in skiing where one has to resolve its relationship with the environment in order just to stay up on one’s feet.

Without sufficient perceptions of “being-ness”, skier’s actions focus by default on fighting the environment instead of learning to merge with it harmoniously.

Moving away from fighting and toward harmony is done is done by mastering relationships. Mastering relationships between you and the world, between skier and mountain, between mind and heart, between right and left hemisphere of the brain, between Yin and Yang, between intellect and soul, between women and men, between the relative and the Absolute, and the list goes on and on. Mastering relationships is an energetic process that we are not familiar with at all.

Very concretely, focusing on “doing” without involving the “being” aspect does not provide a relationship to work on. And without a relationship to move towards harmony with, the energetic process is blocked and stagnation sets in.

The blocking agent in any relationship comes from the desire to be in control. Wanting control kills the spontaneous energy flow of any relationship you came on earth to master.

In need of miracles

Miracles and mastering relationships are linked because everything in this word is about relationships. When your ability to relate to the world is based on manipulative relationships, it is by definition misaligned and your miracles making ability is lost.

I know what living without the ability to make miracles feels like. If anything, and for a long time, my life was the expression of anti-miracles. Not only did I experience my own limitations, I also experienced the limitations of others and especially of doctors who could do nothing for me when I needed them most. Their science detected nothing that could explain my pains so they told me to sod off.

All I wanted was to get out of pain. But how do you get out of pain when the ways of the world, are powerless? What I really needed was a miracle. I didn’t verbalise it in this way, but my subconscious intelligence heard it and pointed me towards the discovery of self-identity. It is the connection with self-identity that allows the floodgates of higher capabilities to open.

The opening up process suggested that I enrol in a life coaching school with a curriculum very strong on the study of the enneagram.

The enneagram is a powerful system allowing the discovery of the elaborate instinctual, mental and emotional mechanisms that govern personality. And unless you act to change, you’ll remain trapped in the mechanism of your beliefs, of your behaviour and of your habits. The enneagram teaches you to recognise your own traps, the traps of other people, and the traps of systems and institutions; it is a very accurate and powerful diagnosis tool but one that is not rigorous enough to free you from your traps because it fails to address the one all important relationship that you first must resolve within yourself before any changes can take place.

Life coaching studies however, provided me with logical and pragmatic insights. Insights extending well beyond mainstream thinking and that are capable of highlighting and predicting the subtle and intricate motivation driving people, systems and institutions.

As I began to perceive the world as a predictable psychic system governed by a self-actualising mechanism following mankind’s moods, I became less afraid of it, and I became less inclined to react negatively to events and circumstances, because these events are part of the dynamics of the psychic mechanism itself.

Realising that the world is a predictable psychic system was a very big relief for me. I could now clearly perceive the mechanism underpinning the motivation that drove doctors to tell me to sod off, and that drove my wife lo leave and keep the dog and so on.

Perceiving people’s automatic behaviour allowed me to forgive myself, to forgive others and to forgive the world, and over time my pains faded away.

Understanding the world as being run by a robotic psychic system was absolutely fabulous and totally liberating for me as it validated that greater consciousness does lies beyond it.

Yours truly

Bernard Chesneau


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